GoYap Reports web based application is a reporting and statistics tool enables the supervisor to monitor agents and queud work performance in real tame and with in-depth historical data.

The application includes a number of tools to retrieve call statistics for the groups, agent statistics and logs and produces daily or scheduled reports for a given date, or periodically on a weekly or monthly calendar basis. They can be issued in multiple file format including PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV, and be sent via email to a number of preset destinations.

Reports are defined by their time period ( today, yesterday, this week, last 7 days, last week, this month, last month,period) and scope (all groups, a particular group, or a single agent).


Administrators and ACD Supervisor

myAnalitics functions are offered to ACD Supervisor, Top-level administrator or non top-level administrator (Enterprise administrator), only they have access to the application.An ACD Supervisor and an administrator can generate a report of the predefined report list, schedule a report generation and download reports.

The ACD Supervisor has access to onlyACD reports (Figure1), while the Administrators users has also access to CDR reports (Figure 2).

Generate a report

To generate a report, you can choose a predefined report in the list or see if some exiting schedules already exist. Each report may support a range of combinations of two parameters : the time window per day ( today, yesterday), per week, per month or per calendar (time range with a start and end date) and data scope (Everyone,by departments or by numbers)

You can see the reports opened at the left menu, it indicate the number of opened reports and each report type generated.

Schedule a report generation

You can see if there is already exist report scheduled or add a new one. There are 3 types of schedules:

  • Immediate schedule : This requests to generate the report for immediate availability
  • Weekly schedule : This requests to generate the report on a weekly basis: one has to select the day(s) of the week, and a sending hour time.
  • Monthly schedule : This requests to generate the report on a monthly basis: one has to select the day(s) of the month, and a sending hour time.
  • Attention : Using the 31th, 30th or 29th day could of course lead to miss report sending, since some months have no such month

You will found the scheduled reports delivered by email or made available into the application in the Download menu.

Download an already generated report

Some reports, for volume reasons, cannot be sent via email (because of the attachment size).

When a report has been generated, only a notification email will be sent, inviting you to log into myReports to access it in the Downloads menu.

Those without a myReport access can not access it directly, putting the sharing responsibility onto the requestor.

Clicking a report title will download it.