Efficient meetings with smart working

In Europe, employees spend an average of 187 hours (23 days) a year in meetings. Meetings are necessary but often lead to unwanted travel that can be avoided. But what impact do meetings have on employers and employees?

of Europeans commute at least 90 minutes/day

of employee salary is spent on commuting

Office space costs an average of > 600 euros/m2 /year

Save this time and money by substituting physical meetings with video meetings!

Reduce commutes by adopting a solution that enables your employees to have meetings from anywhere

With our online meetings solution you can:

  • Work smart:
    from any device and location
  • Communicate more effectively:
    with video see the non-verbal signals. Dial-in acces is always possible
  • Work efficiently during the meeting:
    share your screen, messages, documents and take notes in one place
  • Make the most of the meeting:
    record meetings and go back to them any time

Benefits of smart working

Cost reduction:
less commuting & office space needed

Better work-life balance:
employee gets their work done any time, anywhere, even from the car, in their working hours

Environmentally friendly:
no need to be physically present at meetings, work remotely

Get work done:
fast collaboration and optimize the workflow with online meetings