Companies need to prepare for the future. With the expectation that the majority of apps will soon be adopted in the cloud and the use of online services will move to a dominant position, broad integration is necessary for companies to directly benefit.

For progressive businesses, combining the use of UCaaS and IoT in the business environment to get ahead is the way forward.

How UCaaS Is Helping Organisations Do More

UCaaS is the marrying of different types of business communications using the cloud as the delivery mechanism. Rather than being dependent on digital communication systems, the cloud allows for the integration of text, voice, video, and a host of other mediums into a seamless whole.

Companies no longer must choose a single solution for text, another for voice, and a third for video conferencing, which can confuse staff members who may need extra training to know how to use all these different, non-cooperative communication mediums. The merging of online communications allows specialists to provide their expertise across a single communication platform in a single solution.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is Coming to the Business Sector

The Internet of Things (IoT) means devices that permit an internet connection on the backend while usually providing useful functionality to the consumer on the frontend. This can be anything from a TV to a refrigerator to an oven that can all communicate useful information, either to a mobile app that’s programmed to receive, interpret, and provide feedback to the owner of the product or to an online dashboard.

However, for the enterprise and the broader business world, the 20+ million IoT devices that have been sold to date have been largely a consumer-only story. But that’s all changing now. Businesses are waking up to the reality that for the first time they have devices in people’s homes that are sharing a great deal of useful data. Data can be analysed in real-time for nuggets of information about new trends and changes in consumer behaviour or expectations.

Why IoT and UCaaS Work Well Together?

With UCaaS, you have new and improved communications that are consolidated in the cloud. All forms of communication can be received, managed, and responded to in an organised fashion. There’s no longer a need for a disjointed response from the company because everything is tied together as one.

With IoT, business intelligence can be applied to sensor data fed through from IoT devices as it relates to what consumers want, how devices are being used, and what the future holds. For companies that discover their devices are being used in different ways than they anticipated, they can make improvements to the new version to embrace this unexpected development. Effectively, they can generate forward momentum using business intelligence by making all the connections necessary between UCaaS and IoT to benefit from the useful data.

Fortunately for companies, it’s no longer necessary to develop products in a vacuum and just hope they succeed. Instead, by using IoT and UCaaS cooperatively, the cloud and business intelligence can be combined to greater effect than ever before.