GoYap is proud to introduce the world to Vision Voice, one of the many businesses out there offering cloud-based communications for businesses. Vision Voice utilizes GoYap’s phone systems in combination with a variety of other features to deliver a holistic unified communications service. By moving their communications into the cloud and unifying on a single platform, businesses can dramatically enhance the efficiency of their communications while slashing their costs to unbelievable lows.

Head In The Clouds

For a couple of years now, the phrase ‘the cloud’ has been bandied about by mid-level managers who don’t really understand what it means. As a result, some people have come to view cloud technologies as being little more than corporate buzzwords.

But when cloud technologies are implemented correctly and with purpose, they offer innumerable benefits to businesses. Vision Voice has integrated GoYap’s platform into its own service, offering users our unbeatable cloud phone service alongside a number of other communications tools.

Industry-Leading Platforms Combined

Both Vision Voice and GoYap have received numerous accolades individually, thanks to the high-quality communications tools that we both provide. We are confident that our business phone system remains the best available on the UK market and we are very proud to be an integral part of Vision Voice’s platform.

When you sign up for a Vision Voice package that includes GoYap’s phone platform, you are gaining access to not one, but two of the most highly-regarded enterprise cloud communications providers out there.

Unify Your Workforce With Unified Communications

Vision Voice’s platform offers a number of useful features. It supports every kind of communication that a business could possibly want. Whether you have employees who prefer to text, email, phone, or even video call, Vision Voice provides enterprise customers with a single platform that is able to handle all of these and more. Employees can use their PC or Mac, a tablet or a smartphone.

When any workers or groups of workers within your business are able to seamlessly communicate with one another through a single centralised service, it encourages them to communicate more. Participants can sign on and share screens for a fully collaborative approach, which boosts productivity.

The more your workers are communicating with one another, the more effective they will be.

The advantages of using Vision Voice on the Go Yap platform are huge. Staff can communicate from anywhere, at any time. This promotes better working practices and is eco-friendly. In addition, UCaaS is more cost-effective than paying big bucks to install a conventional phone system.

A business with fragmented communications will never be as efficient as one that is unified. Your workers will suffer both as individuals and as a collective if you don’t give them the tools that they need to communicate together effectively.

Get Your Workforce Talking

For many businesses that purchase access to their platform, Vision Voice is providing them with the first comprehensive enterprise communications system that they have ever seen. Good communications within a business take time to establish, the simple act of choosing Vision Voice for your communications won’t make your workers good communicators by magic.

However, Vision Voice will definitely provide you with all the tools and features that you could possibly ask for if your goal is to improve your communications in the long-term. The sheer range of ways that Vision Voice lets your workers talk to one another means that you will need some time to establish the most effective and efficient routines for your business.

Good communications are at the heart of any successful business. Vision Voice’s platform is the perfect platform for any business that is seeking a unified cloud-based approach to their communications. The platform can even scale with your business, enabling small businesses to keep the same communications platform as they grow.